2023 Look Ahead

Looking Ahead in 2023

As we reflect on the past year as it evolved into one of economic uncertainty, we continued to see signs of strength across the industry with overall advertising growth exceeding 8%.

Leaning in to 2023, we look forward to continuing to support members with ongoing business transformation and talent needs. These include initiatives addressing new business, automation, emerging trends and sustainability as well as evolving future workforce opportunities with talent reflecting diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

We will continue to be staunch advocates addressing the ever-shifting regulatory landscape across federal and state governments to ensure the protection of the advertising and marketing communications industry.

While there is volatility in markets across the globe, we’re focused on identifying opportunities in the U.S. for our members.

We remain passionate and firmly committed to supporting our valued members to champion and advocate on your behalf as a supportive business partner to positively move the industry forward and wish you a year of ongoing impact and success.

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Marla Kaplowitz
President & Chief Executive Officer, 4A’s

Marla Kaplowitz speaking from a podium.
Marla Kaplowitz

Government Relations & Sustainability

Federal Trade Commission Takes Lead On Privacy

Sustainability Issues Ramp Up

“We are undoubtedly experiencing one of the most dynamic markets in recent memory - both from the perspective of our employees and our clients. Having access to the wealth of information from the 4A’s, along with the forums to learn from agency peers, is invaluable. The resources that the 4A’s have provided have not only helped us navigate the last couple years, but have allowed us to be better prepared for 2023 and beyond.”
Joe Maglio
CEO, McKinney

Business Transformation

Weathering An Uncertain Economy

Driving Business Transformation Through Holistic Agency Operations Management

Evolving Agency Compensation Models

Guidance for Uncharted Water

Supporting Merger, Acquisition, & Succession Planning With New Services

Business Development: The Real Cost of Pitching

“The 4A’s new business committee is an immense resource for me and my team. Growth is always a small team at any agency and having this community that I’m able to tap into for insights, smarts, and connection is wonderful.”
Michelle Tang
Chief Growth Officer, McCann North America
“Born the same year as the storied agency I’m fortunate enough to lead, the 4A’s has remained a constant source of support, inspiration and advocacy in an ever-changing marketplace. They champion the value of creativity, advocate for powerful cultural change, and provide a wealth of innovative and modern resources, thought leadership, training, and actionable insights that accelerate growth, strengthen relationships, and move our industry forward.”
Laura Maness
Global CEO, Grey

Media, Tech & Data

Perpetual Disruption

Evolution Of Transparency

Diversity Builds Strength

“Being a part of the 4A’s is about connections – to resources that make us smarter; and more importantly, to a community of people who are willing to share their knowledge with one another to make the industry stronger. As the 4A's Board Chair, I am so proud of the value that the 4A's brings to agencies. My team at Partners + Napier regularly engages the 4A's to learn and share ideas around recruitment and diversity, new business challenges, capabilities, and evolving agency operations. It’s an absolutely critical resource for both leaders and their teams.”
Sharon Napier
4A's Board Chair Executive Chair and Founder, Partners + Napier

Advancing the Talent Roadmap Through Actionable Change

As we continue to navigate the uncharted territories and adjustments of a post-COVID world and workplace, the 4A’s Talent, Equity and Learning Solutions team remains steadfast and committed to the evolution and transformation of its guidance and offerings to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of our advertising and marketing community.

The demand for Talent acquisition and alignment remains a primary focus for our industry as the employment landscape continues to shift, and the needs of emerging and existing talent continue to influence our approach to new ways of thinking and working. We’ve learned that the complexities and challenges of the talent space forebear opportunities for our industry to continue pivoting with great intention and meaningful focus. Attracting, retaining, growing and protecting the mental health of our talent workforce are imperative responsibilities to sustain the viability and progression of our industry at large. We are not in a talent crisis but more of a talent emergence which compels us to expand our ideals to explore, uncover, and tap into new responses that encourage awareness, learning and ignite growth. As we begin the new year, we are poised to continue delivering inclusive, responsive recommendations and solutions that advance the talent marketplace in new and uncommon ways.

Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are paramount to the success of any organization. Later this month, we will issue our Diversity in Agencies Survey (for members and non-members) to collect 2022 data to publish this spring (data gathered remains confidential; only aggregated data will be shared). This survey provides the ability to accurately measure, define challenges, and assess the rate of change over time to drive accountability. The survey results help determine how agencies can continue building a better culture of belonging.

Talent Strategies

Championing Diverse Talent

Accelerating Learning Solutions

“The 4A’s is a critical convening force and galvanizing voice for agencies during a time of great challenge and change. As a leader at a 4A’s member agency and vice chair of the 4A’s board, I continue to find new ways for our organization to benefit from the breadth of membership resources and Dentsu will continue to work with the 4A’s to help our industry build on its commitment to talent development and DEI.”
Abbey Klaassen
President, NY, Dentsu Creative
“As a creative agency turning 150 next year, FCB is proud to have a long-standing relationship with the 4A’s that dates all the way back to its founding. We’ve worked in so many ways over the decades to advance our industry for the better and today I’m proud to be a part of that legacy. From cultivating new diverse talent through the MAIP program to tackling common business challenges through the new business and communications committees our people are helping lead, our partnership has grown to impact so many different areas of our industry in meaningful ways that I’m excited to continue to push forward.”
Vita Harris
Chief Strategy Officer, FCB Global

Research: An Extension of Your Team

Research On Demand

Topical Primary Research

“On one hand, it’s hard to believe the 4A’s was founded in 1917 because its approach to the industry is so present and future focused. On the other hand, the association’s longevity makes sense when one stops to consider the breadth and depth of expertise, experiences, perspectives, and insights available to member agencies. They are keepers of industry intel while also being visionaries of industry possibilities. In a world of change, they are resource-rich change-agents, making us all smarter and more successful, individually and collectively.”
Aaron Walton
CEO, Walton Isaacson

4A’s Benefits Delivers

Future Outlook

Historical Dividend for Workers’ Compensation Captive

Massive Growth of Production Wrap-Up Insurance

Core Benefits Offering Yields Savings

Retirement Program Continues to Deliver Robust Performance

Assessing Group Medical Programs

4A’s Events: Bringing The Industry Together

With renewed interest last year for in-person events along with livestream options for remote viewing, we will continue to balance interest from members and the broader industry to connect and network live. Following last year’s successful in-person return of the Management Practitioners Forum (MPF), StratFest and Agency Comms in Focus, we’re looking forward to our signature Decisions 2023 event next month and will continue to come together to foster community building and nurturing of ideas.
CEO Closing Remarks

A Look Ahead

As we focus on opportunities to provide stability and support for members during ongoing economic uncertainty, we will continue to leverage the power of our collective community to further expand the possibilities through the value of creativity to address business challenges.

As your partners in business, you can rely on us to continually assess and expand our capabilities and offerings to support your evolving business needs. We hope that 2023 provides the stability and focus to innovate, iterate and evolve your business with a proactive strategy that increases the odds of not just surviving but thriving.

The 4A’s team is here to champion and advocate on your behalf.

Marla Kaplowitz speaking from a podium.
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